Entitlement to Infidelity?

When the Cheater Has a Personal Epiphany

by Tracy Schorn (edited)

Tracy Schorn & Infidelity

Did anyone see this article on Huffington Post?

It’s quite a masterful mindfuck. Really, I think my ex-husband could’ve written this. It’s exactly the sort of faux remorse and parroted therapy speak that personality disorders excel at.

Maybe I should be less cynical? In the article she owns up to cheating as a very “selfish” act, realizes that happiness comes from within, and admits that her husband was a pretty nice guy (although not “fanciable” any longer), and gosh, she should’ve worked on her marriage.

But she lowers the narcissist boom in the last sentence:

I don’t regret what I did; as a result of the divorce, my ex gave me the biggest gift of all — I finally got to find my happiness from within.”

She doesn’t regret betraying and devastating her ex-husband? An innocent person who was faithful to her? Because it resulted in a personal epiphany for HER? And her happiness?

She claims she is in a better relationship now. Poor man.

Before I get accused of thinking once a cheater always a cheater, I’d say, THIS kind of crap is why I am skeptical. Cheating is about character. Many people get bored in marriage, don’t have the same lusty passions as day one, etc. And they don’t cheat. She makes noises about insight, which the more dim-witted among the HuffPo readership will take for actual insight — but she never says I regret what I did.  I had a failure of character. I hurt an innocent person who did not deserve it. No, it is all seen through the lens of HER happiness. She’s got all the entitlement,cheater-think still. With that mindset (It’s all about me! And my happiness and self actualization!), I think she’s got good odds for reoffending. She’s a dry drunk now. All the asshole behavior without the Jaegermeister.


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