Infidelity Statistics: Tables

Infidelity Statistics: Tables (2 of 2)

The following data correlates the number of pre-marital sexual partners of the sample group against the percentage who subsequently go on to an extra-marital affair.

Pre-Marital Partners

 Number of Pre-Marital Partners  Percent Who Cheated Once Married
 2  10.4%
 3  14.9%
 4  17.7%
 5  21.6%
 6-10  26.0%
 11-20  36.7%
 21+  46.8%
Source: NORC General Social Survey
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  1. Am I the only one surprised by the stat on the average length of an affair, 2 years! Surprising somehow. Interesting information.

  2. hcampbe1 - I heard that 2 years is the average length of time it takes for the emotional high from a new relationship to wane. After that, people start to realize that their significant other has flaws. Of course, when a relationship is legitimate, it may have a strong enough foundation to weather that revelation.

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