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Domestic Abuse & Divorce

We have added new content added to the Emergency Contacts page. Whether your partner is having an affair or not, domestic abuse can be part of a relationship. Many women feel powerless to leave, despite the violence and abuse. This article gives practical, professional advice for those who would like to exit the relationship, but [...]

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Infidelity: Worth Killing For

Wife Murdered by Cheating Husband Today I found another disturbing report about a  woman whose cheating husband killed her, after she discovered his affair and started separation proceedings. Murder and Infidelity  A west Toronto renovator, Praljak, has been sentenced to life in prison for the savage slaying of his wife, who decided to leave him after [...]

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Infidelity Trigger for Domestic Abuse

 Infidelity and Abuse I came across this news article on 4 October 2012 from ABC News about a knife fight caused by accusations of marital infidelity. It triggered a memory of a fairly recent article in PsychCentral.com about a correlation between accusations of marital infidelity and domestic abuse. (Coincidentally, October is National Domestic Violence Awareness [...]

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