Extra-Marital Affair Guides

There are numerous websites dedicated to the issue of affairs and infidelity. Many take a moral position against infidelity and many use religious teachings as the foundation to their position. A significant proportion of these sites tend to offer support for the faithful partner (many also offer support and advice to the cheater), providing information and education while raising awareness of the issues.

Not surprisingly, there are websites out there that also offer advice on how to have an affair. There are many many sites that offer ‘guides’ such as the AshMad “Cheater Code” (see our response to that article here), that seem to exist as vehicles for advertising, to generate income from sites such as AshMad or AffairsClub etc. The advice on how to conduct an extra-martial affair offered in these sites tends to be quite similar, and this article is a generic example of what type of information is out there.

There is very little worthwhile to add about this type of ‘guide’ so we’ve distilled out the risks that cheaters see in their affairs:

Affairs 101 – Basic Principles

  1. Maintain control over your affair partner
  2. Understand that your spouse is not a moron
  3. Choose an affair partner who shares equal risk if they were caught.
  4. Don’t get emotionally involved
  5. Choose short term affairs over long term ones - they’re easier to leave
  6. Don’t fool yourself - you’re taking risks:
    1. You risk losing friends and family
    2. Being discovered brings huge financial risk - you could lose everything.

The notable absence of any concern for the spouse isn’t a surprise. Whilst it’s not good for the ego, understand that affairs have little -if anything- to do with the faithful spouse.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)


“I'm not a teacher, only a fellow traveler of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead - ahead of myself as well as you.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

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