15 Tips When You Discover an Affair

Quick Tips When You Discover an Affair

When you discover an affair it can feel as if your world is falling apart. Often distress makes it difficult to focus on sifting through articles to find and assimilate affair help in the immediate aftermath of discovery. Here are our 15 Tips When You Discover an Affair, to help …

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Cover Up an Affair For a Friend?

Related posts: Affair Help for a Friend How to Respond to a Friend Who is Cheating ~ Wayfarer [hr] Friends Who Knew: Should You Help Cover Up An Affair? by Kanya Daley Affairs are messy; why make them even harder? Betrayal. Seeing red. Unforgivable. Unbelievable. These are words people often …

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Affair Intuition

Dr Stanley H Block

Affair Intuition: Not Missing The Signs by Stanley H. Block, M.D. Myths About Infidelity Myth One- You will miss the early signs. Myth Two- Love makes you blind. Myth Three- You can recognize the early signs of infidelity by using your logical mind. Realities About Infidelity Reality One- Your intuition …

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Affair Confrontation

Infidelity & Affair Help Advice

Affair Confrontation: 6 Steps To Confronting Your Mate About Betrayal by Rick Reynolds Do you think your mate has been unfaithful? If your goal is to find out what happened in order to determine what you want to do, then don’t make a bad situation worse by how you confront …

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Ignoring a Partner’s Infidelity

Affair & Infidelity Help: Go Ask Suzie

Can I Ignore his Infidelity? by Suzie Johnson My partner of almost three years continually cheats on me. I have come to understand that there hasn’t been a time when he hasn’t been with at least one other woman, all while claiming to be in a “committed” relationship with me. …

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Affair Help: Suspecting an Affair

Affair Help: Behavioral Clues Of An Adulterer by Christopher Kaszak Whether someone is guilty of a crime or committing adultery, they leave behind behavioral clues that are indicative of the presence of guilt. I’m not going to address in too much detail the popular clues that are addressed ad nauseam, …

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Affair Help: Cheaters & Getting Caught

Affair & Infidelity Help

Following on from yesterday’s post, Affairs: The Infidelity Epidemic, Kate Figes offers further affair help through her research and writing. ~ Wayfarer Why Adulterers Secretly Yearn to be Caught By Kate Figes Behind the worrying rise in infidelity there’s a surprising but poignant truth says relationship expert Relationships expert Kate …

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Posthumous Infidelity

In Loathing Memory By Anneli Rufus When her 43-year-old husband collapsed and died of an embolism, Julie Metz was devastated. It was so sudden, so unfair, so wrong. They’d been together 16 years and had a 6-year-old daughter. Seven months after his death, Metz learned that he’d been having affairs. …

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