Disengaging the Affair Drama Queen

You’ve collapsed on the floor in a puddle of tears as you try to deal with your cheater’s ongoing affair, distraught and devastated by the bomb that has detonated slap bang in the middle of your life. You’ve begged and pleaded for them to stop their affair, to come back …

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Affair Survival Kit

IHG Affair thinking kit

Over the last couple of months our posts have tried to challenge your thinking and re-frame your responses to your cheater’s affair. All too often support forums and therapists focus on the relationship/marriage, and largely avoid encouraging the pursuit of personal agendas and goals that might result in one of …

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Heroes and Villains

The Thing

The Infidelity Super Villain Ever wondered how Clark Kent got away with ‘hiding’ his real identity by combing his hair differently, and wearing some glasses? Or how nobody seemed to notice that beneath that innocuous trench coat, lurked The Thing? Affairs are often thinly disguised as only ‘being about sex’. …

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Coping at Thanksgiving

Infidelity Help on Thanksgiving

Infidelity Help for Thanksgiving An affair can detonate a marriage (or relationship) and unfortunately, the damage is rarely limited to the interpersonal connection between the cheater and the faithful partner. Infidelity reaches into the whole family and causes upset and disruption, leaving a trail of damage through children, parents, and …

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Emotional First Aid

Infidelity & Affair Support

Improve Your Mental Health by Practicing Emotional First Aid by Guy Winch, Ph.D. The importance of treating common psychological injuries We sustain common psychological injuries such as rejection or failure as regularly as we do physical ones such as cuts or scrapes. But while we’re extremely aware of the need …

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Post-Affair Break-Up: Coping

Infidelity & Affair Help: Barton Goldsmith

10 Things to Remember After a Break-Up by Barton Goldsmith Ph.D. (edited) We have all been through it and, at best, a breakup is a difficult situation. Here are some tips and advice to help you make it through this rough patch. 1. You are not going to be thinking …

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Affair Help: Negative Thoughts and Acceptance

An affair can bring your self-esteem and view of the world crashing down around you, while you stand frozen in rage and disbelief. Moving past outrage and moralizing about what is wrong about an affair can be difficult. Most affair help offers very little in concrete advice for how to …

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Affair Help: Preparing for Reality

Whilst this article gives some advice for women with cheating husbands, much of it could be equally applicable to men whose wives are cheating, and people in non-marital relationships. Unfortunately some of these tips, while valuable, may be a little late, because to be effective in an affair situation they …

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Affair Help: Coping With Mind Movies

Dealing With Affair Images Yesterday’s post explored why the betrayed partner is often plagued by recurrent images of their partner being with the other person, and how intrusive and destructive that can be. Providing affair help and resources for infidelity is our focus at Infidelity Help Group. The membership here …

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