Getting Over An Affair Partner

Affair & Infidelity Help: Go Ask Suzie

This article, while written specifically in response to a former cheater who lives with the affair partner, offers some strategies that could be employed by anyone getting over an affair partner. ~ Wayfarer [hr] How Can I Get Away from My Former Affair Partner, If We Live in the Same …

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Getting Over Your Emotional Affair

12 Ways To Recover from an Emotional Affair By Therese J. Borchard (edited) I receive a handful of e-mails a day from my readers who are either stuck in an emotional affair or have ended one but are still extremely heartsick. How can I let go and move on? they …

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Disclosing Your Infidelity to Your Partner

Confessing an Affair without Losing Your Marriage by Joe Beam Live long enough and you will learn this lesson: Anyone could do anything in certain circumstances. Just as bad people do bad things, sometimes good people do bad things; not just “minor” bad things, such as the proverbial white lie, …

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Affair Help for a Friend

What to Say to a Friend Having an Affair by David Trotter, reproduced from People of the Second Chance It’s not a moment that most of us plan for. It’s not as if we sit around wondering aloud, “Geez, I should really think about what to say if a friend …

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Infidelity: Is The Affair Over?

How to Know Your Spouse’s Affair is Truly Over Source: infidelityinfo   It can be incredibly difficult to weather the storm of an affair, and if your relationship manages to survive the deluge, it can take a long, long time before things get back to normal. One of the most …

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Dr Shirley Glass Discusses Infidelity (Part 1)

Dr Shirley Glass Infidelity Expert

Infidelity: Shattered Vows (Part 1) By Hara Estroff Marano, Shirley Glass (edited) Source: Psychology Today, originally published 1998. Rebuild your relationship by rebuilding trust. Then open “windows” in the relationship. Hold on to your wedding ring. It’s difficult, but possible, to repair the damage caused by infidelity. Increasingly, that’s what …

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