Affair Fog Theory: Biochemistry

Part 6: Affair Fog Theory: Biochemistry Is your morning cup of java compelling you to abandon your family and head to deepest, darkest Indonesia to pursue a blissful life picking coffee beans? Are you secretly planning a civil marriage ceremony to your treadmill, family and critics be dammed? What about those cupcakes, …

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Affair Fog Theory: Character Change

Who Are You

Part 4: Affair Fog Theory: Character Change Part 1: What is Affair Fog? Part 2: Affair Fog Theory: Mental Health Part 3: Affair Fog Theory: Sex Addiction Who IS This Person? I know him better than anybody - he’s not the man I’ve known for 20 years.” “I don’t even …

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Affair Fog Theory: Mental Health

The Affair Excuse: Mental Health

Part 2: Affair Fog Theory: Mental Health Part 1 of the Affair Fog Series identified common components of popular affair fog theory as including mental health disorders, sex/love addiction, character change, psychological morphing, and biochemicals. This post specifically discusses if mental health disorders can legitimately be considered affair fog. When faced with a cheater’s …

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What is Affair Fog?

Affair Fog

Part 1: The Affair Fog Series This is the first in a series of posts exploring the theory of affair fog in cheaters. What Is Affair Fog? Infidelity sites commonly refer to affair fog (as it applies to the cheater, though some will extend the scope of affair fog to also include confusion …

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Affair Rationalizations: Who Stopped You?


When a cheater sets off on the journey to Affairsville, they pack a few items into their bindle before chirpily skipping down the hackneyed path that many others have forged ahead of them. Not least in that little bundle of important items are the cheater’s rationalizations for their affair. These rationalizations come in …

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Once a Cheater Always a Cheater?

Kris Jenner Affair

“Once a cheater always a cheater“: It’s a phrase that can spark considerable debate within infidelity forums, where very few seem to take a neutral position on the subject. Those who are firmly opposed to the idea that a cheater will always be a cheater tend to be those who reconciled …

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Affairs: How Could You?

How Could You?! Something that most faithful partners struggle with is trying to understand how their cheater could cheat. What was the reasoning and thinking that led them to make the choice to have an affair? How could they ignore, break, or suspend their commitment to their partner and their …

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Rewriting History

The Cheater Script - Rewriting History

The Cheater Script I’m going to go make a little wager here. I am willing to bet that when you found out about the affair, you had a conversation (or screaming match) with your cheater that had some similarity to this little scenario: “Why an affair? Why that?” “I haven’t …

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The Power of Mayonnaise

Changing Yourself After Discovering the Affair Have you found yourself vigorously scrubbing the toilet with your toothbrush, considering giving yourself an industrial strength Lysol swirly, as the words, “You’re a terrible housekeeper” ring in your ears? Maybe you’ve swathed yourself in foil and plastic cling wrap like a modern-day mummy, …

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Their Needs, Your Faults

Infidelity & Affair Help: Fault & Blame

 Unmet Needs: A Cheater’s Justification “If you had satisfied my needs sexually I wouldn’t have needed to cheat.” “I felt lonely in the marriage so I cheated to feel connected to someone.” “You didn’t give me enough time and attention so I had to look elsewhere for it.” Sound familiar? …

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