Infidelity Help: Peggy Vaughan (1936-2012)

Peggy Vaughan, Extramarital Affairs Resource Center

Infidelity Overview Excerpted from her 1999 Smart Marriages keynote speech. (taken from Smart Marriages) Why Affairs Happen: (A combination of three different kinds of factors.) Factors that PUSH people into affairs (problems/faults/shortcomings of individuals or relationship). Factors that PULL people into affairs (excitement, curiosity, enhanced self-image, “falling in love”). Societal factors …

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Peggy Vaughan, Infidelity Expert, Dies at 76


Peggy Vaughan, 76, author of “The Monogamy Myth” and “Beyond Affairs,” died at her home in California on November 8th after a four-year battle with cancer. By Seth Eisenberg “I think it’s useful to share my own personal experience in dealing with affairs (rather than just talk about the issue …

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