Minimization: “It Was ‘Just’ Sex …”

Dr George Simon

The reason that so many affairs are conducted in secret is because the cheater seeks to retain their lifestyle, financial concerns and primary relationship/family, while engaging in an affair. This segregation of the affair relationship from the primary relationship is a manipulation of the faithful partner’s understanding of reality. In …

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The Trauma of Infidelity

Infidelity & Affair Help: Robert Weiss

This article by Robert Weiss explores infidelity and characterizes it as trauma. Dr David J. Ley’s article, Abusing the Term Trauma takes the counter-argument that the term trauma is inappropriately used by clinicians (and the lay person) in relation to infidelity. Mr Weiss makes reference to the emotional fallout and …

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Gaslighting & Infidelity

Gaslighting and Denial I was browsing some articles from my RSS feed and happened across an article that listed some excuses that cheaters have given their partners when discovered in an affair. I selected some of the more eye-rollingly terrible ones to duplicate here. Infidelity & Affair Excuses My friend …

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Infidelity & Affair Help: Chump Lady

Gaslighting — The Fine Art of Making You Believe You’re Crazy by Tracy Schorn (edited) The late comedian Richard Pryor had a joke that went… His wife walks in on him having sex with another woman. Pryor tells his freaked out wife, hey, she didn’t see anything!  ”Who are you …

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