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This website was conceived and created from a commitment to provide resources and support to those whose lives have been affected by infidelity.

The IHG website hosts (or links to) various tools and materials for people to take advantage of in whichever way they are most comfortable. We do have site social media pages (which can be easily accessed through the social media icons on the site) in addition to other popular and/or professional services that remain freely available.

Infidelity Help on Facebook

facebook_logoWe have (so far) only used our Facebook page as a supplemental outreach function to reproduce our website posts, and whilst we launched it in Oct 2012 we hadn’t harnessed it as a community utility.

In response to recent inquiries about allowing people to join the Infidelity Help Facebook page using their own Facebook accounts, we have now included a community functionality.

We understand that your privacy is important to you and have set the group up in such a way that it is not visible, not searchable, and does not appear on your own Facebook page (even to friends). Consequently, it complicates access somewhat since people cannot just find the group and send a ‘Join Request’ as they would for a typical Private Group.

If you would like to join us on Facebook, then please contact me via our Contact Form so that I may email you a link to the group. When you receive my response it should include a link to the IHG Facebook page, where you will need to click the ‘Join Request’ button. We shall do our best to speedily approve your request via the page.

The process is a little cumbersome, but necessary to provide you an appropriate level of privacy.

The provision of the Infidelity Help Facebook page is intended to be supplemental to the current provisions; we have no plans to discontinue the services currently provided.

Chat Room

Chat Icon 350Our Chat Room is available 24/7, and provides immediate contact with other online users.

Finding yourself in the midst of an affair can feel isolating and lonely, and sometimes it’s nice to have some company. The users in the Chat Room will talk to you in real time about your situation, though are just as happy to engage in non-affair chatter if you need some levity or distraction from it all.


Discussion Forum

Affair Help Discussion Forum

Our Discussion Forum is a traditional message board that is only accessible to registered members. Guests do not have access to the forum, and your post content cannot be searched for and viewed outside of the forum itself.

In addition to the members’ own stories, the forum has copies of (and discussions about) the posts that are published to our website, and has a library of information and resources to help you through the affair. People find it useful as a place to browse without the immediacy (and associated typing speed pressures!) of a real-time chat function.

We invite anyone seeking support, having been affected by an affair (faithful partners and those who have had an affair), to take advantage of our resources and services .

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