AshleyMadison: How Fast Can They Cheat?

The Anatomy of an Affair

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Affair & Infidelity

From Faithful to Unfaithful in 36 Hours Or Less

Study: Affairs Begin at 8:00am and Steam Up at 10:00pm

How long does it take to have a discreet affair? According to the folks at extra-marital dating site, it takes less time than knitting a sweater, making the perfect bouillabaisse, or catching up on the last three seasons of Downton Abbey. The dating site designed for those already in relationships delved into their extensive data to discover the timeline of the typical affair.

The average affair takes 36 hours or less from inception to penetration. The majority of would-be adulterers favor early weekday mornings to begin their search for a lover, signing-up online between 8:30 and 10:00am. They then use their lunch hour (between 12 and 2pm) to search for the ultimate affair partner. Ironically, peak chatting time does not take place during work hours but typically at 10pm when both spouses are at home spending quality alone time in separate rooms. The chat sessions lead to meeting in person the following day, typically between 5 & 8pm.

According to Founder Noel Biderman, the ease with which an affair can be pursued is not shocking. “Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, stepping outside of your marriage has become as convenient as ordering food delivery or downloading songs on iTunes.”

How fast will they cheat

The data:
Peak Registration Time
Males 8:30 AM
Females: 10:00 AM

LUNCH (12:00-2:00)
Peak Searching and Messaging Time
Average Number of messages sent by men during lunch: 4.8
Average Number of messages sent by females during lunch: 3.9
Men who send 9+ messages increase their chance for a reply by 219%

Peak Chatting Time
Men and women chat an average of 18.3 minutes before exchanging email addresses and/or phone number
2 out 5 women will initiate chat

MORNING (7:30-9:30)
Men and women exchange on average 6.7 messages/emails in the morning to make lunch/coffee break plans

LUNCH (12:00-2:00)

Meet during lunch time
5 times out of 6 the woman will choose the location

EVENING (5:00-8:00)
The affair will take place between 5 and 8 PM



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