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Glorifying Mistresses

ABC’s new drama, ‘Mistresses’ follows the lives of four female friends with illicit and complex relationships. It’s based on a UK show, but will Americans buy into the premise that mistresses live beautiful, glamourous lives? Should we?  HuffPost Live Debate (Hosted by Ricky Camilleri) Guests: Jason Winston George: Actor on ABC’s “Mistresses” Jewels Bolden: Founder [...]

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Infidelity Advice From The Mistress

From a Mistress, Advice For Wives by Marsha Lederman For a married woman, a night out at a bar with Sarah Symonds can be terrifying. Sitting in a dim private lounge in a luxury hotel in downtown Vancouver, Ms. Symonds – a self-styled infidelity analyst – sipped on a glass of chardonnay and offered a [...]

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Infidelity and Betrayal: One Woman’s Account

I Was the Other Woman by Jill Di Donato One does not set out to be an adulteress, at least I didn’t. And that word: “Adulteress,” it sounds so Hawthornian. Yet, in light of David Petraeus’ resignation from the CIA yesterday, it makes me wonder if we’re not such a far cry from Hester and [...]

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