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Affair Help: Hookers and John Who?

One of the reasons we prefer to use the term ‘infidelity’ instead of ‘affair’, is because the term ‘affair’ traditionally conjures up an idea of a long-standing emotional and physical relationship, meticulously hidden and carefully arranged. It’s often typified in its portrayal and glamorization on film and television. However, not all infidelities involve a mistress, […]

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Public Infidelity, Private Debate

Not My Husband (Right?) By Jan Hoffman, NYT Published March 16, 2008 (edited) WHAT type of infidelity is forgivable in a marriage? What triggers an exit strategy? So ran at least one of the many hair-splitting strains of mesmerized chatter this week among women, especially current and former wives in the New York area, as […]

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Cheating: From Hollywood to Kennebunk, Maine

Cheating With a Prostitute Our support goes out to all of the wives and families who will inevitably be suffering the fallout of the case in Kennebunk, Maine, where many men have been found to be cheating with a prostitute. Let me just say on record, I have no issue where single people use prostitutes. […]

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