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Affair Help: View on God and Cheating

This study was conducted about cheating in general (not cheating in terms of unfaithfulness) but it may be interesting to the readership here in terms of whether someone’s view of God affects their choice and willingness to be unfaithful to their spouse/partner. This is a secular site; by posting this article Infidelity Help Group is […]

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Pat Robertson on Affairs: Well, He’s a Man, Okay?

Your husband had an affair? Provide a better home. That’s the message that televangelist Pat Robertson conveyed in an episode of “The 700 Club” to a wife seeking help to get over her husband’s infidelity. This has resulted in some considerable backlash, prompting the Christian Broadcasting Network to release a statement saying, As a first […]

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Infidelity: Cross-Cultural Perspectives

There are widely available articles, views and discussions about the approach to affairs and infidelity across cultures, and which increasingly challenge the longevity of monogamy in human society. Monogamy is often cited as being a religious atavism and that it is foolish for humanity to try to struggle against an unnatural monogamous state. The moral […]

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