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Affair Help: Triggers, Hype, and Healing

I’m mindful to avoid perpetuating certain myths that exist on other infidelity sites and discussion fora, particularly the ones that seem to perpetuate the ‘diagnosis’ or belief that infidelity and affairs are always the product of mental health challenges. They are not. Some of these sites additionally seem to universally decree that every faithful spouse […]

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Affair Help: Coping With Mind Movies

Yesterday’s post explored why the betrayed partner is often plagued by recurrent images of their partner being with the other person, and how intrusive and destructive that can be. Providing affair help and resources for infidelity is our focus at Infidelity Help Group. The membership here draw upon both their education about infidelity and their […]

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Affair Help: Creating Mind Movies

Part of dealing with your partner’s affair is having to deal with the images that you conjure up about them and the affair partner. The images you construct in your mind to fill in the missing 4 gazillion pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, are intrusive, destructive and eat away at you. Jealousy can do that. […]

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Rejection: A Painful Affair

Discovering that your partner is having an affair can bring with it overwhelming feelings of personal rejection that can be difficult to get over. Many struggle to function as they used to, frozen by pain and finding it difficult to make decisions. Where the cheating partner chooses to leave their spouse/partner (whether it is to […]

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Denise Charles Infidelity, Affairs & Sex

Post-Affair Sex

Sex After Infidelity By Denise J. Charles Reconnecting sexually after an affair can be extremely difficult, but it is possible. Use these tips to help rekindle what was once there. The experience of infidelity in marriage has got to be one of the most devastating occurrences that any individual can face. We know instinctively, even […]

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