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Justifying Infidelity

How Straying Partners Tend To Justify Infidelity Internally by Recently I was asked “what goes through the mind of a straying spouse during an affair?” This is a tricky question as most people would agree that when they got engaged and planned their wedding, the last thing on their mind was preparing to cheat […]

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Frank Pittman, Psychologist and Infidelity Author, Dies at 77

Frank Pittman M.D. died at home November 24, 2012, of complications from cancer. On 25 November 2012 we reproduced an article that Frank Pittman had written on infidelity, unaware of his death. We belatedly extend our sympathies and condolences to Frank Pittman’s family, and our gratitude to him for his work and wisdom about the […]

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Infidelity and Second Chances

When Partners Cheat: Who Deserves Second Chances? by Stephen A. Diamond (edited) Let me begin with a disclaimer: What you are about to read is not an analysis or diagnosis of any specific celebrity couple’s marital problems. Nor advice about how they should deal with them. But with all the recent publicity about Tiger Woods […]

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Judy Wachs writes her story of Infidelity

A Betrayed Spouse’s Story of Infidelity

After the Affair By Judy Wachs (edited) When the news broke about the Petraeus affair, my first thought was: “Here we go again. Another married man caught sleeping with a younger woman.” My second thought had more personal resonance: “I wonder what will happen to his marriage?” When I was in my early 20s I […]

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The Post Infidelity Relationship

Can the Infidelity-Damaged Relationship Survive? by Dr Peggy Drexler (edited) The Petraeus and Broadwell families can take comfort in one thing: this too shall pass. The TV trucks will depart. The photographers will zip up their equipment bags. The phones will stop ringing with pleas for exclusive interviews. When it does pass, they will be […]

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