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Affair Help & Infidelity: Dr Benjamin Le

Affair Help: How Do Cheaters Live With Themselves?

I Cheated, Therefore I’m Not a Cheater by Dr Benjamin Le Most people generally believe that they are moral and good and that cheating on a partner is wrong. So how do cheaters live with themselves after their infidelity? Understanding how they reconcile their indiscretions with their beliefs about themselves can help us figure out why […]

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I Love You but I’m Not in Love With You!

So many faithful partners have heard these ten words when an affair is involved. It’s often the sentence that marks an ‘exit affair’ or one that the cheater has no intention of leaving. So many of the behaviors, justifications and dialog surrounding infidelity follow predictable patterns: “I love you but I’m not in love with […]

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Marina Pearson: Infidelity and Affair Help

Four Reasons I Cheated

Confession: Why I Cheated On My Husband by Marina Pearson The four reasons I unearthed and what they taught me about love. “How could you have done this to me, to us? Who are you and who did I marry?” With tears in his eyes, my ex-husband shouted and screamed these questions at me on […]

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