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Monogamy and Happiness (Part 2)

In yesterday’s post Maryanne Fisher referred to the article below (written by Tracy Clark-Flory) in response to the New York Times article written by Ross Douthat. Does Promiscuity Cause Depression? by Tracy Clark-Flory Ross Douthat’s pro-monogamy argument in yesterday’s New York Times came as no surprise. But the conservative columnist’s claim that monogamy “increases the […]

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Monogamy and Happiness

Sexual Monogamy Does Not “Lead” to Happiness by Maryanne Fisher, Ph.D. There is no solid proof that sexual promiscuity leads to unhappiness. Recently, there has been a fair bit of discussion in the media about sexual promiscuity and depression. I think it started with the recent results of a CDC study that showed that young […]

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How Infidelity Is Discovered

Infidelity Discovered

How Affairs are Discovered Source: infidelityinfo There are a huge number of ways for infidelity to be discovered – but some of them hurt the betrayed spouse even more so than others. It is always hurtful to discover that your spouse is having an affair – but it is even more hurtful to catch them […]

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When An Affair Ends The Relationship

When You Need To Self-Heal From The Affair, Alone Source: infidelityinfo Often, when a couple makes it through the storm of an affair, they emerge a stronger and happier couple. An affair is the symptom of a bigger problem in the relationship and sometimes, when that problem is addressed – albeit through a painful affair […]

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Relationships, Dysfunction & Personal Limits

When you’re faced with the reality of your partner/spouse’s infidelity it is often advised that you set boundaries within your relationships, partly as self-protection and partly because we all strive for healthy relationships. We all have our personal limits and understanding what they are and how to work them into your relationship, especially now, can […]

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