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Affair Help: The Modern Affair Myth

I’ve previously addressed this absurd idea that affairs can somehow improve your relationship, with posts addressing this currently popular myth. This article by Dr Broder takes a similar tack, asking ‘Can an affair make your relationship stronger?’ There is a very simple and concise answer to the question he posed, and it’s this: No. Usually […]

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Affair Help: Suspecting an Affair

Affair Help: Behavioral Clues Of An Adulterer by Christopher Kaszak Whether someone is guilty of a crime or committing adultery, they leave behind behavioral clues that are indicative of the presence of guilt. I’m not going to address in too much detail the popular clues that are addressed ad nauseam, since they are widely available […]

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Affair Help: Abuse, Blame & Minimization

This article ties in with yesterday’s post where the idea that a cheater was ‘driven’ to an affair by the faithful partner was addressed (or ridiculed, let’s be honest). Tracy Schorn homes in on the issue of blame being apportioned to the cheater. My only comment is this: HOPIUM? This is a supreme word mash-up!!! […]

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Affair Help: Driven to an Affair

Sites like this exist because so many people turn to the internet for affair help, seeking advice, support and information. There are numerous articles (easily accessible) written by the users of sites like these, or by journalists and authors, and some are written by therapists or divorce lawyers. The idea of infidelity being big business […]

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Affair & Infidelity Help

Affair Help: Cheaters & Getting Caught

Following on from yesterday’s post, Affairs: The Infidelity Epidemic, Kate Figes offers further affair help through her research and writing. ~ Wayfarer Why Adulterers Secretly Yearn to be Caught By Kate Figes Behind the worrying rise in infidelity there’s a surprising but poignant truth says relationship expert Relationships expert Kate Figes spent three years talking […]

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