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How Infidelity Is Discovered

Affair STDs (STIs)

Do Cheaters Practice Safe Sex? by Dr Justin Lehmiller (edited) Affair STDs Although people almost universally agree that cheating is wrong, infidelity remains incredibly common. Most discussions about cheating tend to focus on the powerful emotional consequences of it; however, there are also some important health risks associated with infidelity. The reality is that when […]

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Infidelity and Murder

Andrea Sneiderman Trial: Did Infidelity Lead to Murder? By Anna Gonzalez, HLNtv. com Atlanta (CNN) — Did a Georgia mother conspire with her boss to have her husband murdered? That’s the case against Andrea Sneiderman, who is likely to go in front of a jury in August. Sneiderman is charged in the slaying of her husband, […]

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Infidelity & Affair Support

Emotional First Aid

Improve Your Mental Health by Practicing Emotional First Aid by Guy Winch, Ph.D. The importance of treating common psychological injuries We sustain common psychological injuries such as rejection or failure as regularly as we do physical ones such as cuts or scrapes. But while we’re extremely aware of the need to dress physical wounds as […]

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Affair Forgiveness

Forgiveness, With a Side of Grudge by Stephanie Anderson (edited) Have you told your cheating spouse you forgive him/her, only… you still harbor a colossal-sized grudge? It’s not unusual for an affair victim to try to rush the healing process, only to move even further apart from their spouse rather than toward reconciliation. In this […]

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Infidelity Myths

4 Common Myths about Infidelity by Lorna Hecht-Zablow (edited) People have lots of theories about why infidelity is as common as it is. Most of these theories don’t hold water. It is difficult to deal with an issue that is so painful and destructive to families. Therefore, it is important to try to have an accurate, objective […]

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