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Psychology: Infidelity & Affair help

The Emotional Contagion & Affair Readiness

On Emotional Contagion: “Can Men Feel How Much I Want to Have an affair?” by Aaron Ben-Zeév, Ph.D One can find women who have never had one love affair, but it is rare indeed to find any who have had only one. ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the […]

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Infidelity & Affair Support

The Revenge Affair

If Your Partner Cheated Should You Cheat Too? by Guy Winch Ph.D. The consequences of cheating for revenge and retaliation Discovering your partner has cheated (or still is) is a shocking and emotionally devastating event. It can turn your entire world upside down and elicit intense feelings of anger, betrayal, rejection, abandonment, and many others. […]

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Affairs and Addiction: Part 1

Other Affair/Infidelity and Sex Addiction Posts: Affairs & Infidelity: Choice Not Addiction Challenging the Myth of Sex Addiction ~ Wayfarer Affairs: The Relationship Between Infidelity & Addiction by Dr Scott Haltzman (edited) Most of the people I have treated, however, even those who use pornography or visit prostitutes… do not have a sexual addiction. After […]

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Fantasies and Affairs

When Fantasy Crosses the Line By Lynn Margolies, Ph.D. Fantasizing about another person may seem like a harmless indulgence, but it actually draws us closer to temptation and can increase the risk of being unfaithful. In the same way that dwelling on worries and possible catastrophes fuels anxiety and makes fears more vivid, immersion in […]

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Facebook Affairs

Technology makes the world a smaller place. We’re able to talk to people from where ever we are using mobile telephones. We can connect with people from all over the world (and also with people from our pasts) with ease, via the internet. The worldwide web has, without a doubt, shrunk the world and lowered […]

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