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Reconciling in an Unhealthy Relationship

Before rushing into a reconciliation after an affair, pause and consider the relationship you were actually in. Affairs are examples of part of broader patterns of behavior and thinking, and it isn’t uncommon for the relationship or marriage to be unhealthy in other ways too. ~ Wayfarer 9 Signs That You Might Be In An […]

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An Emotional Affair?

You may also like to read these related posts: Are You in an Emotional Affair? Getting Over Your Emotional Affair Gaslighting and Infidelity Denial and Obfuscation ~ Wayfarer Husband’s online ties to a female employee define ‘emotional affair’ by Carolyn Hax My husband of over nine years has become “friends” with a female employee. He […]

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After the Affair: Is Reconciliation Right for You?

So, you’ve discovered that your partner has had an affair. They’ve said sorry a few (hundred) times, and they have proclaimed their undying love for you. They’ve probably told you how the affair was a mistake, and have declared that they want the relationship to work. In all likelihood you’re angry, confused, and don’t know […]

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Dr Justin Lehmiller: Infidelity & Psychology

Female Orgasm and Cheating

Does A Woman’s Frequency Of Orgasm Predict Her Likelihood Of Cheating? by Dr. Justin Lehmiller Explaining the evolutionary significance of the female orgasm has long been a conundrum for scientists. Why does the female orgasm exist if it is not necessary for reproduction to occur? Numerous theories abound, with some scientists arguing that  contractions of […]

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Infidelity & Affair Help: Psychology

Infidelity and Attachment Theory

Who Is Likely to Be Unfaithful, and Why? by Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D. An inside look at what causes infidelity The perspectives on relationships provided by attachment theory provide important insights in the factors that influence the course of a couple’s dynamics over time.  According to attachment theory, the earliest relationships we had in childhood […]

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